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The Blast2GO PRO Plugin makes the most popular Blast2GO features directly available from within the workbench (Main and Genomics).  It allows you to extend and integrate your bioinformatics data analysis with cutting-edge functional genomics tools. All features are seamlessly integrated and provide a professional solution for the functional analysis of novel sequence datasets. Genome-wide functional annotation and interpretation can be executed as workflows directly on you existing datasets. The plugin allows to speed-up your sequence alignments with CloudBlast to find homologous sequences, extract GO terms and create high-quality Gene Ontology functional annotations. Additional classifications can be performed through functional enrichment analysis, Gene Ontology summaries and rich graph visualizations. Download the plugin to get a free trial.

Main Plugin Features

  • Access to the High-Performance CloudBlast for fast NCBI Blast+

  • Gene Ontology Mapping of Blast Results

  • Best-Practice Functional Annotation

  • InterProScan Domain Searches

  • Functional Enrichment Analysis

  • Rich Graph Visualization and GO-Slim Reduction

  • Clusters of Orthologous Groups (COG/NOG)

  • Subcellular localization with PSORTb

  • Identification of ncRNA with Rfam

  • Many Statistics Charts

  • Multiple Data Import and Export Options

Figure 1: Main Sequence Table of the Blast2GO PRO Plugin

Developed by

The Blast2GO PRO Plugin is developed and maintained by BioBam Bioinformatics. BioBam, founded in 2011 and located in Valencia, Spain is dedicated to creating user-friendly software for the scientific community. With Blast2GO it provides an all-in-one solution solutions for functional genomics (functional annotation and analysis of genomic datasets) especially popular in non-model organism research. Blast2GO counts with over 3000 scientific citations and is used by top private and public research institutions worldwide. BioBam is collaborating with leading world-class bioinformatics companies like e.g. in this case with CLC bio/Qiagen as well as a growing number distribution partners around the world. For more information about BioBam please visit

System Requirements

The plugin is available for CLC bio Main-, Genomics- and Biomedical Workbench. In general there are no plugin specific requirements other than the ones of the CLC bio Workbench itself. Since several features depend on online resources we strongly recommend a working network/internet connection when working with Blast2GO.


The plugin can be installed via the Plugin Manager from within the CLC bio Workbench. From the Manage Plugin tab choose the Blast2GO PRO plugin and click on download and Install. Once installed the workbench will automatically inform about new updates. Regarding licensing options and quotes please contact the CLC bio sales team:


Our support and development team works close together to take care of all the trouble you might have. It does not matter if the issue is rather technical or about bioinformatics or biology. You can reach us at and we will do our best to answer all requests within one day. All comments and suggestions regarding our services are most welcome and a valuable source of information for us.


Figure 2: Download and update the plugin